The Giant Leapers

prateekPrateek Bahadur
As the founder, Prateek Bahadur envisioned Giant Leap Records as becoming home to the best artistic roster that India’s independent music scene has to offer. He heads the production and technical affairs.

akhuAkhu Chingangbam
A prolific singer-songwriter, Akhu Chingangbam is a multi-instrumentalist and the frontman of Imphal-based folk rock act, Imphal Talkies. At Giant Leap Records, he handles the Artistes and Repertoire (A&R) division. Akhu also holds a doctorate in Physics. He lives in Imphal.
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alexAlex Phairembam
Alex Phairembam has been the key player in devising GLR’s operational strategy from the start. He heads operation management. A telecom consultant by profession and inveterate musicalohic, he’s also the team’s ‘Energizer bunny’.


hengulHengul Dutta
Hengul Dutta, is the King of all trades, on his way to becoming an Ace. He cultivates interest in reading, writing, watching and making cinema, making music, football so on and so forth. A delay and reverb aficionado, he defends himself by claiming that a procrastinator is nothing without his delays. He resides in Guwahati but his heart is in the middle of Stretford End among thousand other raucous Red Devils.

kapilKapil Arambam
A dreamer by nature, an editor by profession and a graphic-addict by choice, Kapil Arambam curates this website. At Giant Leap Records, he is in charge of everything that relates to content, images, designs and beyond. He is musically disillusioned these days for he can find no meaning in any kind and genre of music in the three languages he can read, write and speak. Originally from Imphal, he has been living in a rathole in New Delhi for the last eight years.
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