Indie music licensing body Merlin criticises YouTube’s payout rates

YouTube may have paid out more than $1bn to music rightsholders in recent years, but Google’s online video service still ruffles plenty of feathers within the music industry.

Charles Caldas, chief executive of independent music licensing body Merlin, is the latest to criticise YouTube, in a keynote speech at this week’s Music Connected conference in London.

“If we look at our partners like Spotify, Beats and Rdio, and the high-value versus low-value companies in the food chain, those companies are at the top of the food chain: they’re paying what we consider to be the top rates,” said Caldas.

“The ironic thing is that the service that pays the least is the service that’s the most well funded and run by the biggest company in the world: their figures are by far the worst, whether you measure them on a per-stream basis or a per-user basis.”

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